George Benson

Our Principal consultant, George, started his first business 15 years ago, from Printing Event Tees to Corporate gifts, Creative Agency, Logistics, Cleaning company, Car Cleaning and E-commerce. He is accredited with many digital skills and have many experiences in those digital tools throughout the years. Overall - overly excited about learning new skills set.

Handphone E-Mart

Handphone E-Mart This business idea will allow many opportunity for expats/short-term visitors/army personnel/additional phone needed/lower-income people to have a wide selection of phone that is available to them.  In Singapore, there will be a good supply of phone that are looking to sell as our mobile contract is usually 2 years and if the phone …

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Business Idea – SG MEGA MART PORTAL – There is a market for furniture seller to come together for easier access and comparison to home owners. To create a transparent and reliable online portal for listing of furniture to provide preliminary information that facilitates consumer’s buying process. Easy Access Many owners can go to 1 …