Handphone E-Mart

Handphone E-Mart

This business idea will allow many opportunity for expats/short-term visitors/army personnel/additional phone needed/lower-income people to have a wide selection of phone that is available to them. 
In Singapore, there will be a good supply of phone that are looking to sell as our mobile contract is usually 2 years and if the phone is maintain well, it should be able to last another 2-3 years at least. Instead of putting the phone in your cupboard, why not sell it off to someone who are more in need of it.

minimize OVerhead cost

Reduce on overhead cost like rental as this business will move into digital platform

secure payments

Each transaction can hold up to 7 days for both buyer/seller to verify genuine payment and quality of phone set

Reduce capital cost

Peer sharing of phones and reduces paid up capital upfront or trade-in

automate transaction and readiness

24/7 available for buyer and seller to upload phones and do transaction

Frequently asked questions

First, you need to find a decent programmer to do up the website for you. After that, you need to gather at least 30 listings of so for HP to be listed in the website. With the listing in mind, there should be advertising on cheap HP sold in your portal while advertising should be done on recruiter more listing. Selection of audience is important. In Singapore, we have more than 300,000 migrant workers – they all need a phone right and they will not look at brand new phone.

Yes. Anyone should be able to use this service and only sellers needs full detail registration because of the 7 days holding payment clause. Other than that, only when check out then buyer needs to fill in simple secure personal data. It should be open up to everyone.

The idea came from a Facebook Post that i post in need of a spare phone for my mother in law – 4 families replied my post and 2 of them have iphone 6 to spare.

This makes me think why do they have such a decent phone but did nothing to it. They are willing to let go for free because it seems like i needed it more than they do and they have no plans for it. I guess eventually our migrate workers in Singapore will need it more than i do. \

Hence this idea was born.

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