1st Step to identify Market Opportunity

How to identify Business Opportunity using simple google tools.

To Identify Market Demand, one simple verification to test is to use both google search and keyword planner. 

As you can see from the above images (Click to expand) 

1) Search for your business idea “search phases” (like how will you search for item/services on google) – For this example is air con service – which bring about “34.6 Million results/month”

2) Go to keyword planner with the same “search phase” and you will see the “number of searches is 10k to 100k”. This is relevantly a high search word in google. 

3) Let’s do the maths. Take half way point of search which is 50k and you are “fighting” your way through 34 million searches. your percentage is around 0.15% to go up the top.

4) If we were to conclude this business and go deeper. We know there is a huge results pool for this keyword because of the market demand and we also know that there is much lower searches in the region for our to be notice or have a fighting chance. With this, we will teach you and also dig deeper into targeted and longer keywords or phases to have a higher chance of success


As you can see from the example below, if we go for more targeted keyword/phases. our competitors will drop tremendously and we will have a higher chance of success. 

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