Business Start Up

This Program will help in most of your concern of starting a business.

  • Fear of Failure or Fear of Losing,
  • No exposure of entrepreneurship,
  • No good business idea,
  • Inadequate knowledge and resources to start a business.



How Does Career Interchange Work

Who is this for?

The program is for those who are looking for someone who has a great business idea and sit on it for the prefect timing to arrive.
Someone who wants to generate multiple income source on top of your full-time job.
Someone who are driven to succeed.
Someone who needs help to make their business come true.

Earn as you Learn

We know about your hectic schedule. We also know the only way you truly understand how to do business is by practicing it in a real environment. This is why we’ve set a program to help you earn and learn at the same time.

Good Business Support

In addition to our online resources, we also offer regular updates on various software and tools to help your business knowledge via our blog. We will accompany you through this program and assist in whichever we can.

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